Corey Mesler is a novel writer based in Boston Massachusetts. His work regularly appears in magazines and e-book all over the glove. Since Corey became a writer back in 1989, his passion for writing grew as he discovered nature, travel and the infinite variety of real-life stories.

His writing philosophy is based on the simple advice of using essential writing tools – plot, build character, problem and problem-solving. These simple steps have carried him through the inspirational stories that he writes.

His passions have inspired him to write about the things unknown and how to discover one’s self. He has traveled to many of the most remote places to the busiest cities on earth in search of stories of human nature and the natural world. During his travels, Mesler volunteered to teach English at a local orphanage in Cambodia.

When he is not writing, he spends his time working with local charities in providing more books to children and to inspire others of the art of literature.

Corel Mesler studied literature at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge. It was there where he met his future wife and mother of their four children. Together with his family, they are currently living in Boston with their two dogs.