The 4 Largest Websites To Find, Read And Buy Books Online

There are two types of readers-in-bed. The first one is that sort who puts himself or herself to sleep by reading a few pages or chapters of a book, ponders through it, and falls asleep. The next one is that type who picks up a book, starts reading, gets hooked, stands up for coffee or tea, finishes the entire thing, and gets motivated to either write about the book or read another one for the night. Between these two types, I tend to fall on the latter which sometimes hurt, especially after I’ve read all the books in our house a few times that reading them again won’t make any more sense.

Of course, there are two solutions to this predicament. First, buy a new book. It doesn’t have to be that expensive as there are book sales if you know where to find them. However, doing the math, if you’re the second type of reader, your book expenses may have to pile up. Hence, let’s go to a more cost-efficient solution, which is to read one for free.

Good news, there are still physical libraries that can lend you physical books. This option would work for people who have the time to visit one if there’s a nearby library in your area. In my case, where there’s none, I can borrow from friends, or just read one online. The next question, though, is where can I find free books to read online, without any special gadgets.

Well, this time, I made myself a favor by listing four sites that allow bookworms to have a feast.

1. The Project Gutenberg

The site may not be very visually attractive. In fact, it was indeed simple and minimalist gallery. Project Gutenberg showcases classic books that ran out of its copyright, hence are free for everyone’s consumption. There’s no membership, and you can start reading a book in seconds.

PG lists Top 100 books and authors for the past day and week. Thus, you’ll almost never run out of choices.

2. DailyLit

Don’t fret yet. While their website offers 15 minutes of literature every day, you can read a complete book online. DailyLit creates book installments for the busy ones who need reminders for their daily dose of fiction. Most of the books on this site are free, while there are still excellent books that come with some price. You may need to sign up, but it’s free of charge. It’s a great find.

3. Internet Archive

If you want books of any kind, here’s the place to go. This site is not limited to fiction and in fact, are a full virtual library on its own. You can read online without signing up, though there’s an option to do so. If you missed how scholarly it feels to be in a library, well, here it is.

4. Scribd

You can sign up for free with Scribd for a month and have access to a wide range of great reads, old and new. After the free month, they’d charge you a minimal fee of $7.99, with access to three paid books and an audiobook, unlimited access to “all other things free for the month.”

If you don’t want to spend anything but still get free reads, invite your friends to sign up. They’ll get two months free, and you’ll get one month extra for every friend who joins the book club.

With these four choices, there’ll be no more sleeping so prepare your coffee and start reading.

The 9 best books on nutrition and health you should read


All of them are written by expert health professionals that have something valuable to share and will help you find the best nutritional products to look for. From healthy eating tips to rethinking nutrition, here are the nine best books on nutrition and health you should read.

1. What to Eat – Marion Nestle


Since the first release in 2006, Marion Nestlé’s What to Eat is still a go-to guide to helping readers make healthy and informed decisions. According to The New York Times Book Review, the book is a comprehensive resource that’s filled with useful information and advice from an expert nutritionist. Nestle takes us through each section in the market – from dairy, meat, produce, fish and more. The book explains the complicated nutrition labels and how to debunk misleading health claims.

2. Nutrition and Physical Degeneration – Weston Price


Read about the major study of whole food nutrition and degeneration that comes from processed foods. Weston Price and his wife spent ten years traveling all over the world in search of the secret to great health. It was then when he found that the most indigenous people had the best overall health with minimal tooth decay and high immunity. Dr. Price documented his studies including photos about his travel and findings.

3. Eat, Drink and Be Healthy: The Harvard Medical School Guide to Eating Health – Walter C. Willet M.D.


Dr. Walter Willet wrote the best-selling guide to healthy eating, radical benefits of low-carb diets and debunking the many dietary myths many of us believe today. Eat Drink, and Be Healthy is filled with hard-proven evidence and document research. Willet exposes the biggest problems of diets, including the Atkins, South Beach and the Zone diet. He offers intensive study and advice about the ratio our body needs from fats, carbs, proteins and various food groups.

4. Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition – Colin Campbell


Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition is an eye-opening journey that gives readers a new vision of nutrition. Colin Campbell revolutionized the way we think about our food as a whole, plant-based diet is the best way to eat. In this book, he explains the science behind it.

5. Staying Health with the Seasons – Elson Haas M.D.


Did you know that nature’s cycles not only affect the external climate but our body’s health and mental well-being as well? Dr. Elson Haas logical reasoning of achieving a healthy glow and bringing the body and mind into balance. The book is about following a diet that goes with the season and chemical-free foods. By combining Eastern and Western medicine with herbology, seasonal nutrition, and exercise practices, you will learn the keys to staying healthy all year long.

6. Foodist: Using Read Food and Real Science to Lose Weight Without Dieting – Darya Pino Rose, Ph.D.


Written by food writer neuroscientist and creator of, Darya Pino Rose gives us a practical guide to ending the endless diet cycle and discovering the way to lose weight with lasting results. Foodist provides us with a different way of how we look at food and how to make better decisions with a clear understanding. The book is filled with tips on how to shop for food, prep cooking and how to choose the right restaurants and menu choices.

7. Always Hungry? Conquer Cravings, Retrain Your Fat Cells, and Lose Weight Permanently – David Ludwig, M.D., Ph.D.


Written by endocrinologist Dr. David Ludwig, the #1 New York Times Bestseller explains why traditional diets don’t work and provides us when a brand new plan on how to lose weight without hunger. For nearly 20 years Dr. Ludwig and spent his time researching weight control as his studies show that it’s not overeating that makes you fat but rather the process of gaining fat that makes you want to eat more. It is the hungry fat that sets off the chain reaction that leaves with your hunger and a slow metabolism.

8. Eat Complete: 21 Nutrients That Fuel Brainpower, Boost Weight Loss, and Transform Your health – Drew Ramsey, M.D.


Written by psychiatrists and author of Fifty Shades of Kale, Eat Complete offers a collection of more than 100 delicious recipes that will help you get the core nutrients your body and brain needs to stay healthy.

9. The Tao of Nutrition – Maoshing Ni


Based on the principles of Chinese nutrition, The Tao of Nutrition includes therapeutic properties of methods, foods preparation, season, body types and even location.

Be sure to check out these books next time you’re on the lookout for a healthy book. Are there any books on nutrition and health you can recommend? Comment below and let us know!