4 Reasons Why I Read One Book Per Day


Reading one book may seem crazy, especially for those who work all day, run a household, and chase children all day. But the average adult reads like than a single book a year. Studies show that successful leaders tend to unwind with a book at hand.
So how could someone read one book a day without falling behind on work or neglecting their family? The secret is the “read” in more ways than one. You can “listen” to audible books on your way to work or simply read a hardcover on your downtime. In fact, every time you take a moment to spend on Twitter or Facebook is an opportunity to read.

Here are four reasons why I read one book per day.

Reading Increases My Motivation
My interests in genres vary as I enjoy both fiction and non-fiction novels. Reading stories allow me to get personal with biographies and discover the stories of those who sacrificed, loved, lost, and more. Stories of those who started from nothing and accomplished everything inspires me to stay motivated.

Reading Sets a Good Example for My Kids
My kids are still in the early stages of learning to read. I want them to see that reading can be fun, even for adults.


Reading Helps Me Take the Good from Bad Situations
There are a lot of different problems that humans face in life. The good news is that many have written about theirs. Reading novels provide an opportunity to understand what works and don’t work, especially throughout history.

Too Many Great Books to be Read
From wisdom and knowledge to love and laughter – there are so many books to read. Each story adds more knowledge, passion, and ideas inside of them.


While reading an entire book in a day may be virtually impossible for some, I encourage you to find at least 30 minutes to read a day. Allow yourself to make time for you.

So, how many books have you read lately?